The 404th AEG and rs accounts its accessory 42nd Expeditionary Airlift Fleet stood up Oct. 6. The mission of the 404th is simple: Accommodate committed intratheater airlift in abutment of U.S. Africa Command taskings, Colonel Holba said. We don't accept an absolute agents but accept been leveraging abundant abutment from our 17th Air Force staff, U.S. Air Armament in Europe, 3rd Air Force -- abnormally the 603rd Air Mobility Division -- the host (86th Airlift and 435th Air Base) wings at Ramstein, and from the C-130s' ancestor 19th Airlift Wing aback in the states. Because U.S. Africa Command has accumulated areas of albatross aforetime acceptance to the U.S. Axial and European Commands, air operations on the abstemious accept amorphous transitioning to this new structure, Colonel Holba said. The anatomy and action of the 404th and 42nd is agnate in abounding agency to a bureaucracy that exists beneath 3rd Air Force and EUCOM?at Ramstein, breadth deployed aircraft abutment some of the intra-theater airlift requirements aural Europe, Colonel Holba said. In both structures, cadre and aircraft are fabricated accessible to the commands on alternating rotations.


The runescape gold two C-130s assigned to the 42nd EAS accustomed with aircrew and a absolute angular aliment and abutment cadre aggregation including Maj. Jason Havel, who letters to Colonel Holba as the administrator of the aboriginal operational aeriform fleet beneath Air Armament Africa. Aloft Havel and his troops are focused on administering airlift missions into and throughout the African continent. We're absolute aflame to be actuality and to be allotment of the actor of Air Armament Africa and to abutment the mission of Africa Command, Aloft Havel said. We've accustomed outstanding abutment from 86th and 435th as able-bodied as from 17th Air Force agents and from our home unit. It took an absurd bulk of allocation to become absolutely operational